International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research for Sustainable Innovation (ICMRSI)  – was an outstanding event held on February 14-15, 2022. This International Conference by was held virtually. This platform increased knowledge among researchers found ideas for further research, and found new research and collaboration opportunities.


This event was successfully held virtually, and the conference was held in two days. Participants and audiences who attended came from various countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Yamen, Morocco, Mongolia, Oman, Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, China, India, Australia and Bangladesh.

All researchers, scholars, and colleagues participated in the discussions and exchanged ideas at the scientific conference. This conference theme is Embracing Change- Finding Breakthrough Innovation. 

In this conference, we discuss and share research on General Psychology and Experiments, Social/Educational/Development Psychology, Organizational & Industrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Economics and Business, Human Resource Development, Accounting/Management/Marketing, Broadcasting/Public Relations/Digital Marketing, Visual Design Communication, Civil/Industrial Engineering and Architecture, Informatics/Information System, Education, Public Health, Law and Regulations, Art and Humanities, Women and Gender Studies. Read more>>